About Ron

About Ron

Mr. Phillips has worked in the operations, information technology, broadcasting and business management industries as an expert providing leadership, management, business development and operations expertise to various organizations for nearly three decades. He is an accomplished radio/talk show producer, program director, voice over artist, and radio imaging/sound production engineer. Mr. Phillips owns Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc. where he is the executive producer of several successful conservative talk radio shows, all with terrestrial affiliates. He owns/operates and is the program director of one of the top conservative Internet radio networks in the country, the Talk America Radio Network (http://talkamericaradio.us) with multiple terrestrial affiliates that utilize both his engineering services and program feeds for their programming. He also provides voice over services to audiobook publishers, animated sales brochures and various other commercial, documentary and narration-based organizations through his voiceover company, Pinnacle Voice Studios (pinnaclevoice.com). He often works as a consultant IT software development manager and Project Manager with a software development company based in Tulsa, OK having been contracted to multiple clients including Lufkin Industries, GE Oil and Gas and the QuikTrip Corporation. Mr. Phillips has functioned as the CEO/President and Vice President of Operations for Data Paradigm, Inc., a Software-as-a-Service vendor providing software solutions to several niche markets including public utilities, direct sales and integrated voice/data communications. During his tenure, he managed the day-to-day operations of the company and its personnel and functioned in a talent acquisition and human resource role to ensure the company had quality and professional employees. As his colleagues will attest, his operational prowess, skill in management, leading, counseling, training, project management and motivating were above reproach. Mr. Phillips is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has a considerable background in information technology management, radio broadcasting and production, software architecture, personnel management and project management. He also has extensive experience in corporate management, training, leading teams, counseling, and employee coaching and development. He has been an entrepreneur and excels with a diverse background in corporate operations, communications, organizational management and morale building. Mr. Phillips has been a member of Rotary International and was awarded the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship award, an honor bestowed upon him by the Rotary Club of Center, Texas, and its members for his loyalty, professionalism and leadership. Mr. Phillips is an FAA certified private pilot and an active member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association.


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